Corinth Cycling Welcomes New Sponsor

If you or someone you know is in the market for a new bicycle, make sure you check out Raptor Custom Bicycles. Raptor is a local, fully customized bicycle builder and now a Corinth Cycling sponsor. Owner James Crone is known by many, and quite often you can find him out on one his Raptor bicycles taking part in the Big Steamer series.

James shares some insight about Raptor below:

Raptor Custom Bicycles of Texas is a new limited production bicycle company specializing in high end, custom carbon bicycles. Our goal is to produce, rare, highly desireable, highly sought after bicycles that perform as good as they look (form AND function). We can build your next dream bike, from mild to wild or beyond! We have stock bikes available or you can go completely custom with our “iChoose” program. iChoose lets you pick your frame, frame colors, paint scheme, finishing colors (saddle/bar tape, cable housings etc), components, groupset, cockpit, wheelset, tires or whatever else you can possibly dream up! iChoose makes it easy.

Raptor bicycles start @ $2500 USD (and up depending on model, options etc). Our production volume is strictly limited to 50-100 bicycles a year and there may be a waiting list soon. Be one of the first few lucky owners of this unique, exclusive, world class, top performing road bike!

For Corinth Cycling Club members, we offer 10% off all bicycles and parts we sell! For additional information, check out or phone 940-442-3344.

Raptor 51


2 Responses to Corinth Cycling Welcomes New Sponsor

  1. esta bicliclenta é muito linda

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