Corinth Cycling T-Shirts For Sale


The much sought after Corinth Cycling t-shirt is once again available for purchase. Shirts come in sizes medium and large and feature the new Corinth Cycling logo on the front. Each shirt cost $15. Click on the link below to purchase your t-shirt.

Click here to get your t-shirt


2 Responses to Corinth Cycling T-Shirts For Sale

  1. I am the fellow from Austin that joined your 7.30 dental ride last Saturday.
    Thanks for welcoming me into the group.
    It was a great work out and tough trying to keep pace with Grizzly who seems to be the loose canon/free spirit in the group.
    Please join my group for a ride should you be in Austin for any reason.

    The Saturday ride is the biggy and the stats on the site are not quite accurate.
    The ride is just shy of 60 miles but with some significant climbing

    Hope to join you at Thanks Giving again

  2. I forgot to mention one of Austin’s funnest and toughest rides.
    It takes place in November and is called Tour Das Hugel which means Tour of the Hills
    It is 107 miles that targets every major hill in and around Austin for a total of 13,500 feet of climbing.
    Most riders do not finish.
    You will see other estimates on total climbing if you surf around but I have done this ride the last two years and my barometric based altimeter is fairly accurate.

    Hope to see some yellow/black jerseys out there


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