Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental Team Introductions


Darrell Duke (Grizzly) – the love for his bike is only outweighed by his love for fresh ink on his glistening skin…known as Grizzly, Darrell is classically trained but prefers the current hits when he tickles the keys from time to time before or after his training rides. Passions include women and delicious pastries! I miss the days when he used to pull up in my driveway after a hard ride and deliver bags of Mrs. Bairds powdered donuts in exchange for a Coke from my fridge.

When Grizzly joins our training rides, he prefers to dish out the pain from the onset as he cranks out heavy metal delights through his IPOD. Many a time, he has kindly shared his love of music with some of us as we cruise down the road at 25mph+ and he insists on sharing his right ear bud so you too, can enjoy, Korn’s rendition of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall”. He likes to share…

Darrell is one of the fastest sprinters we know. Spending many hours in the weight room this winter, Darrell promises to have a break out year in 2013 by bringing home some W’s, or a the very least, crushing some souls in the process…”this ain’t no punk ride”.


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