Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental Team Introductions


Russell Fagan (The Producer) – in the very early morning hours, he is “The Producer”, running his own produce company Russ knocks out his day job very early so that he has the rest of the daylight hours to train on his bike or to star in the next episode of “Storage Wars”. Yeah, that’s right, bet you didn’t know THAT about Russell. Look for him in a upcoming spring episode of Storage Wars Texas.

Outside of his passion for crisp lettuce heads, ripe tomatoes and the most tender avocados, Russ looks forward to “Bikini Sundays” with his wife and freakin’ people out by taking his great dane Brutus out for ride in his Ford Lightninig high performance truck. Make no mistake, Russ has a passion for cycling…ask him about any Texas race (and select Louisiana races) and he will tell you how to train for it, race it and what to expect as your biggest obstacles in that race if you plan to participate. Oh, and be assured, he will be racing it right there with you. Russell, races every race, everywhere!

Our team, is what it is, because of teammates like Russell Fagan! Thanks for what you do Russell. See you at the next race.


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