Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental Team Introductions


James Krahula – (The Dirty Kolache). The Kolache has risen, like a Phoenix, from the ashes, to race again for CCHD. James is best known for being our EPIX clothing rep. Epix provide the most awesomest kits in the UNIVERSE!!! With the exception of the shorts…maybe add an inch in length at the thigh, but other than that, they are the most awesomest kits in the UNIVERSE!!! I digress…

Last time we checked in with the Kolache he was being hauled away in an ambulance out near Texarkana. Seems that our yellow kit, with the Kolache in it, took a bit of a tumble onto our good ‘ol Texas chip seal during a field sprint. But that’s not gonna stop this Kolache, maybe other Kolache’s, but not this one. No sir! “Put me back in coach” said the Dirty Kolache, yesterday, at about 4.

The Dirty Kolache’s single passion is a fruit dolloped pastry rimmed by a puffy pillow of supple dough (i.e. a Kolache). He also rides his bike from time to time, runs occasionally and swims immediately when he sees a body of water. His only goal is to eat Kolache’s while swimming, running or riding his bike. Good luck with that James and welcome back.


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