Goodbye Bob Pfarr


By Roland San Miguel

Bob Pfarr Jr. – It is with a heavy heart that we continue to remember the memory of Mr. Bob Pfarr. Bob was the latest addition to our race team. Last Saturday night I dropped off his team arm warmers and gloves. He invited my wife and I in for a glass of wine, unfortunately we declined. Monday afternoon, a couple of hours before his bike ride, I took Bob a team race kit. I clearly recall the huge smile on his face as he told me that the size large bibs that I delivered fit perfectly, he normally wore XL. Bob proudly showed me his cycling memorabilia in his office. Pictures of a signed yellow jersey and many of the awards he has received over the years. Most importantly, he showed me a picture of his Dad, a bronze medal winning Olympian, you could tell Bob was so proud. With smiles on our faces, we talked about each of his bikes hanging in the garage in great detail. I left a few minutes later, Bob continued his yard work and commented on how he should get out for a ride before the rains came the next day.

Today was the day we were going to feature Bob on our team introductions…we will still do that today.

The following are Bob’s own words…

2013 will mark the 53rd anniversary of my first victories on the track in Kenosha Wisconsin. I continue to compete at the Velodrome in Frisco as well as in road races and time trials.

I hold both Competition and Coaching licenses from USA Cycling and am a voting member of the US Bicycle Hall of Fame. I am a semi-retired forensic engineer who recently moved to Corinth.

I’ve been riding with Corinth Cycling for the last 2 years since I moved back to Texas with my sick wife, whenever personal or racing/team commitments allowed. I usually rode in Pitbull Racing or Hall of Fame kits.

I’ve been around racing my whole life, won my first race in 1959 and just enjoy competitive cycling. After my latest respite from formal competition I was relegated down to Cat4, but it doesn’t really matter to me since I compete mostly in age group racing now. I’m semi-retired and widowed. I plan to make a serious run at the racing circuit in 2013 and expect to race at least as much as you have recently as well as on the state and national level. I race road, track and time trial. I’ve never done cross or mountain bike racing.

Over the last several years I’ve won a number of state championships in Florida and Texas, and competed in the National Senior Games. I am a Certified Cycling Coach (USA Cycling), an amateur cycling historian (2012 Road and Track Symposium) and a voting member of the US Bicycle Hall of Fame.

Bob’s friendship, smiling face and advocacy of our great sport of cycling will be deeply missed. R.I.P Mr. Bob Pfarr Jr.


9 Responses to Goodbye Bob Pfarr

  1. Our hearts go out to Bob’s family and friends. Our cycle club has been closely following this story since news of the accident and are here to support Bob, his family or your race team in any way we can. Please let us know if and where we can help. Be safe everyone.

    Daina Boeschenstein
    Life Time Cycle Club – Flower Mound

  2. Bud Zarsk says:

    Horrible tragedy. Bob was a good friend and customer. We will miss him dearly.

  3. Sad. Prayers for his family and friends. A reminder to me to live and ride in such a way that I have as few regrets as possible; and at those moments I exhibit my flawed humanity, God’s grace is there.

    Also prayers for the 19 year old girl. She is going to have tough road of processing this.

  4. Bud Zarsk says:

    We’d like to dedicate this week ends ride to Bob so If you guys care to join us 8a saturday we’ll roll one out for him.
    Knobbies and Slicks

  5. Although I did not know Bob, I wish I had. Sounds like he was quite a mentor for many people who ride bikes. It is a tragedy that shouldn’t have happened to him or anyone else. I hope that local and state governments will take this seriously and find ways to make biking safer by making their roads and trails more bike friendly.

  6. My deepest sympathies to Bob’s family, friends and team members. I am sad that Wisconsin lost one of our famous sons and part of the Pfarr cycling dynasty forever.

    I hope you don’t mind, but since you rode with him most recently, I shared the post above on the Wisconsin Bike Fed’s blog.

  7. David Yin says:

    Found this article today about the details of the accident.

    I don’t know Bob personally but I have been riding with CCC for the past year. I probably have ridden [behind] him.

    I will be there on Saturday for the 8 am ride.

  8. T says:

    So very sad. Thank you for sharing the story of a man who truly loved to be on his bike.

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