Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental Team Introductions


Alex Pettit (The Professor) – Alex has been absent from our team rides and races for several months and is truly missed. He has been dealing with a medical issue which we hope will get resolved very quickly. We call him the professor because he truly is one at UNT. He teaches something like, Fourteenth Century British Anglican Jurassic Literature, or similar. I know I have that wrong but that is what I think he told me one day.

Alex is truly one of our leaders in this club. When an issue arises, someone has a complaint or something simply needs to be addressed, Alex takes care of it. He does it with the upmost professionalism and care.

He is a master of the English language and the written word. Alex and I have spent many hours on our bikes together over the years. I can candidly admit that sometimes I had no idea what Alex had just said to me. He was simply talking at a much higher level than I could understand. I just smile and agree. Seemed to work.

Alex rides his bikes for the challenge, camaraderie, sanity and fitness. His passions include family, music, food and you guessed it…books! I also know that he simply adores his beautiful daughter Claire.

Besides his continued goal of winning really abnormally shaped heavy prizes that are really hard to get home without a pickup truck at his daughters elementary school raffles, he also wants to improve his time trialing skills this year.

Alex invented grain. You can thank him later.

Thanks for all you do buddy. Get well soon.


2 Responses to Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental Team Introductions

  1. Danimal says:

    Glad to see Alex get some recognition for all the hard work he puts in. He has been a fixture with the club for quite a long time. Like the fixtures in the bathroom we use them all the time without the recogniton they deserve but always trust that they will be there. He is definitely an A rider but will ride with anybody just to have some time on the bike. Thanks for all the times I’ve gotten to ride with you Alex. Danimal

  2. GERARDO PICAZO. says:


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