Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental Team Introductions


Derek Whisenhunt. Tall, dark and with the best hair on the team, Derek recently departed Dallas Cowboys Racing to join us here at CCHD. His departure from the Cowboys may have been a prelude to the dismissal of Rob Ryan as defensive coordinator as they both had the same passion for the sport, their own hair and cheese cakes.

Derek is extremely competitive and loves the competitive nature of cycling. He lives by the motto…”If you’re not first your last” (thank you Ricky Bobby). Friends and family often wonder about his weight loss. They are further perplexed when they see him take down an entire cheesecake. Little do they know that he makes us suffer out at Texas Motor Speedway when he is trying to “burn off” that last dessert. Eight laps! We’ll just do eight laps, I’ve heard him say. On a Tuesday! At night! When it’s cold!

Besides his passion for Wi-Fi enabled Go Pro’s, Firecrest Zipp wheels and multiple carbon road bikes, Derek enjoys spending time with his family and spending cash on his bikes. Not necessarily in that order.

Derek’s goal in 2013 is focused on helping Bob Baatz win, plain and simple. No pressure Bob!

Besides helping Bob, Derek is an IT Manager at Sabre-Holdings. It is awesome to have Derek on the team. He is like many of our other teammates, strong, steady and willing to help whenever needed. Welcome to the team Derek.


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