Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental Team Introductions


Jason Phillips (Meat Wagon) – Jason is a brand new Dad. Knowing this, he still entered a recent mountain bike race where he had at least one encounter with a stationary tree. Because of this event his lovely wife Sarah, who is also a club member, banned him from riding just about anything until their son is at least a freshman in college. Not sure why we call him Meat Wagon. It may have been self-appointed for personal reasons.

Jason flies planes for a living. You know how you don’t really recognize someone without their cycling garb on? That happened to me on a flight to Arkansas. I saw the pilot go into the cockpit and I thought that sure looks like Jason, but this dude is about a foot taller. Exiting the plane it turned out to be Meat Wagon. I said hello, he dropped all the paperwork he was doing and joined me in the jet way. He really was tall. I continued to question if it was really him. We continued walking and talking out of the jet way and into the terminal. I’m not sure he ever went back to the plane. Whatever he was doing probably wasn’t that important anyway.

Let’s go do IDB soon Jason.


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