Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental Team Introductions


Derek Cooley – with the amazing ability to recover in days after weeks off the bike, Derek has been on the team for about a year and a half after I literally handed him a jersey at the start line of the Hotter n’ Hell Hundred in 2011.

Derek essentially provided us the great connection to Mad Duck Cyclery. Many of us have benefited from coaching advice from Clarence up at Mad Duck as he tells us and shows us, graphically on a large HD screen, how much power we really don’t have in comparison to elite cyclist :). We also have a great place to hang out, eat pizza, sit at a bar like shop, visit with the mechanic Gary and pet the shop dogs.

Also, Derek is one of the nicest human beings on the plant. Great to have you on the team Derek #2. He also has great hair, like Derek #1, just not as long.


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