Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental Team Introductions


Luke Slavens – (The Shield). Our peloton is most at peace, when the Shield is present. Luke’s a cop. Five-0, Fuzz, Po-Po, Black & White, Flat Foot, The Man, Bacon, Doughnut Commando, ok, that’s probably over the line. We feel fairly comfortable doing just about anything on a bike when Luke’s in the peloton. Sure we have our share of engineers, doctors, dentists and pilots, but the one we are most proud of is the cop. Mainly because we think he carries a gun.

Luke rides because he enjoys the team aspect and the thrill of competing. He also feels that 60+ miles on his day off starting at 7am is a small price to pay for the opportunity to have great conversation with Mark Manning. He also enjoys getting us out of trouble when we blow through a stop sign in Argyle and we get pulled over.

Besides his passion for huge black trucks, Luke also enjoys riding motorcycles, golf and hiking.

Goals include returning to his Big Steamer form of years past. Many of us have only faintly forgotten the “Sprint for The Title” that Luke was forced into by Scott Franklin in order to defend his Big Steamer title against David Carter. To help in this endeavor, we may return the finish line to the front of Corinth City Hall and take our chances with our elected officials again.

When Luke’s not cycling, you may find him in your rearview. So take a close look at the man below, you may need your get out of jail free card one day. Thanks for all you do for the team and club Luke.


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