Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental Team Introductions


Orlando Gonzalez (Flo-Rida) – I think we call him Flo-Rida because he is from Florida, I really don’t think he can rap. Although, he really does look like… the one and only, Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull. He probably looks more like Pitbull than Flo-Rida. But who am I to judge. Additionally, Orlando does have that whole Cuban, south beach, coolness about him. You know that thing that most of us think we have but really don’t.

Speed is what I think of when I think of Orlando. Porsche’s, Cadillac SVT’s and Mercedes Benz’s. You hang around him long enough, you’ll learn a lot about fast cars. Oh, and minor home repair.

His passions include fine tailored clothing, Specialized Tarmac SL3’s and that stretch of road heading east from the highway called Shady Shores Road. Give him a carbon bike equipped with SRAM deep dish S80’s, point him east on Shady Shores and he will hammer you at 30+ mph until you throw up. A triathlete at heart, Orlando will give road racing a serious run in 2013.

You’ll never guess which one above is Orlando…


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