Corinth Cycling/ Harden Dental Flashes the Yellow in Mineral Wells

February 19, 2013


Derek Whisenhunt is seen here pushing the pace during the Saturday morning crit at the Iris Stagner Memorial Stage Race in Mineral Wells. The Wizard would go on to finish 7th in the race and the Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental team placed 3rd overall in the team category in the 40+ 1-4 division.

Photo courtesy of Lee McDaniel

For a complete summary of the racing click here.


Bicycle Theft and Prevention – What to Know!

February 14, 2013


By Luke Slavens
Lewisville Police Department

Ahhhhhh, the never ending bicycle thefts! They become rampant this time of year with Spring just around the corner. In the United States an average of 250,000 bicycles are annually reported stolen, not including the ones that go unreported. Now that’s a lot of bicycles!

Whether it’s someone looking to score a joy ride across town, a schmuck looking to make some cash to support his habit, or just a punk trading up to a nicer ride. These are the primary reasons bicycles are stolen, accompanied by the “opportunity” and a false sense of security in our little wonderlands. Thieves are out there; they are lurking and always looking for that opportunity. One only needs to ride out with their local law enforcement to have an eye opening experience of what really goes on, jaw dropping to say the least.

Bicycle thefts just as any thefts are a “crime of opportunity”, daytime or nighttime makes no difference. With a few tips you can lessen your chances for becoming a victim and having to replace your better half!

First and foremost…. out of sight, out of mind! This is your best bet for keeping your trusty steed safe and out of harms way. Keep it out of public view, this takes the temptations out of the equation. Most of us keep our high end rides indoors, as if they’re a member of the family that your spouse can’t grasp. Others will end up hanging in the garage relegated to 2nd tier or secondary goods status. An unattended open garage door is a thiefs invitation, the opportunity you have given that they have been waiting for! A bicycle hanging in a garage indicates it’s something of value, something that must be kept out of reach of others, thus making its affectionate appeal desirable. It’s good practice to keep the garage door closed unless you’re in an eyes view of your property. Parents should be sure to have Little Johnny put his bike away when he is done riding. I can’t count how many times while at work I see kids bicycles just left out in the yard overnight. There like $100 bills just laying in the yard waiting to be picked up, not quite but you get the picture. These are the ones that are usually taken, ridden across town and then dumped.

Apartment residents are also encouraged to store their bicycles out of view. Storing your bike at the lower stairwell is practically begging for it to be stolen. It sits out their day/night for so many to see until someone comes along and decides they want a new bicycle,……yours! You may think a second floor patio would be off limits, don’t fool yourself these too are stolen just not as often as their ground floor counterparts. Be sure to use your outdoor patio storage closets if you have them or bring them in for good measure.

If you’re staying at a hotel or overnight somewhere, bring your bike indoors. Leaving it on the car rack is like taking a 50/50 chance it will be there in the morning and I don’t like those odds. If you’re stopping to eat at a restaurant ensure the bikes are locked together and more importantly eat at a window where you can see your vehicle.

If you simply must lock your bicycle outdoors, or you’re out running an errand be sure to get the best lock available. The smaller wire or chain locks may slow one down or at best persuade them to move to an easier unlocked target. Rest assured though, your die hard thieves carry tools and cutters to bypass your locks. Opt for a steel U-Lock when you need the best security, although nothing is safe proof with enough time and effort.

Below are some common tips:


– Register your bike with the manufacturer
– Register your bike with your city (some cities have free bicycle registrations)
– Always lock your bicycle when unattended in a public place
– Use a U lock and a cable lock through the frame and wheels (see diagram above). This tried-and-true method makes stealing a bike nearly impossible when done correctly. Chain and cable locks can be defeated easily by a thief.
– Lock your bicycle to a fixed, immovable object such as a bicycle rack
– Always lock your bicycle in a visible and well-lighted area

Document now, don’t wait till it’s too late!

This documentation will go a long way should you ever need it and will make filing a police report or insurance claim flow that much more smoothly.

– Record the Make/Model/Serial # – this is the bare minimum you should have. Having this information allows police to enter your property (bicycle) in a nationwide database as a stolen item. If the serial number is ever checked by the police, pawn shop, etc it will alert that it is stolen property so that it can be seized and returned to its owner.
– Be descriptive as possible about the bicycle noting the following: Colors, Frame Material, Size, Components, Wheels, and any accessories you have added.
– Note any damage or other distinguishing features that would identify the bicycle as “yours”.
– Be sure to retain purchase receipts for proof of purchase and ownership, much like a bill of sale.
– Lastly, take a few pictures of the bicycle being sure to also capture pictures of the serial number, make, and model.

Store all documentation you have taken along with pictures in a safe secure place. Emailing yourself with the information/attachments is a great way to store electronically so that you will have it forever.

My bicycle got stolen, now what?
– Notify the police and make a report. Be sure to have a serial number/make/model/color available and a picture would be most beneficial.
– Watch craigslist and other similar selling places. (If you find your bike, call the police. Don’t try to handle it yourself!)
– Check local pawn shops.
– Tell your friends, post flyers, post on forums, social sites and notify local bike shops.
– Contact your insurance to check replacement or reimbursement options.

Do stolen bicycles ever really get found?
You bet they do, with a serial number and a police report a good number of stolen bicycles get returned to their owners. However, there are thousands of bicycles found dumped and turned into police that go unclaimed. Without that serial number recorded we have no way of knowing who to return the bike back too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article, if nothing else maybe it will keep your bicycle from becoming the next “opportunity”. Stay safe, keep pedaling and we’ll see you on the road!

Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental Team Introductions

February 10, 2013


And The Grand Finale;
Scott Franklin (The Boss) The creator, originator and the reason the club exists, Scott had a dream. Scottie dreamed that one day there would be a cycling club in the city where he lived that would meet only a few feet away from where he slept and ate. The club would have no membership dues, would have the most awesome colors in the universe and would design kits that were not only noticeable on the road but also comfortable to sleep in.

I will dare say that Scott’s Dream of Dreams was for cyclists to meet only a few feet away from his front door in 2004. Slowly the meeting ground migrated to the parking lot at Crownover Middle School and is the unbelievable grouping that it is today… a bunch of cyclist meeting in middle school parking lot.

Scottie is a true cycling aficionado. A proponent and strict follower of the rules developed by the Keepers of the Cog, he measures speed and distance only in kilometers; he does not want “mileage” measurements mentioned and refuses to hear it.

Additionally, European spring classic races should only be referred to in their true native tongue. It’s not the Tour of Flanders you silly American, please refer to it by its true name Ronde Van Vlaanderen (pronounced, ron-duh vahn vlahn-der-in) much easier right? The true spring classic Ghent-Wevelgem, Scott pronounces just like it reads, just make the g’s phlegmy-sounding. How about Driedaagse van De Panne, now that’s a race! Scottie will give you turn by turn descriptions. Especially the 1976 version, but we all know that one.

Seriously, without Scottie we would have no Corinth Cycling which led to the Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental race team. Before Corinth Cycling, many of us were traveling and wandering in many different directions and had no real purpose in life (actually this was just me and Rick Phillips). With the creation of Corinth Cycling came local rides every Saturday and the coveted Big Steamer series every Tuesday and Thursday night during the summer. We all became great friends and stronger cyclists.

We all owe a lot to Scott Franklin for starting this club. He is one of cycling’s strongest advocates; he gives his time, money and expertise to the local cycling community every day.

To one of my very good friends, teammates and riding buddy…Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for the cycling community. Thank you Scott Franklin!

Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental Team Introductions

February 9, 2013


Chris Eddy (The Cannibal) One of the greatest cyclist ever, Eddy Merckx, said “Ride Lots”. That quote is clear and to the point. I think this also describes Chris Eddy.

He rides his bike “lots” he has been doing this for many years and has only one bike. Why would you need more than one? He has never shaven his legs and has one speed, why would you want to slow down? Eddy Merckx was known as the Cannibal. Chris not only shares the name but the passion for the sport.

Rule #33 states “shave your guns”. This will never happen with Chris. The rule continues with ”If for some reason, your legs are to be left hairy, make sure you can dish out plenty of hurt to shaved riders”. Mr. Eddy has this covered, every ride and every race.

So if you want to have a word with The Cannibal, work your way up the peloton, he’ll be at the front. Hair blowing in the wind, dishing out the hurt.

Chris Eddy’s a class act. See you on the road.

Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental Team Introductions

February 8, 2013


Mike McCrary (The Closer) Broad shoulders and massive thighs throw that carbon SL4 back and forth as he sprints to the line at 40 miles an hour, his breathing in perfect sync with his pedal strokes. Mike is our strongest sprinter; he closes races just like he does your next home mortgage.

Very possibly our fastest CAT 3, The Closer is a jack of many trades…cyclist, mortgage lender and owner/operator of Elements Nursery in Crossroads Texas; Mike also does landscape construction and design. Mike is one busy dude.

A natural born athlete, Mike was not so much born as he more or less took form out in Aubrey Texas somewhere in the early morning mist. Also known as Aubrey Mike, I would bet the horse ranch if he’s in the top 5 in any sprint with 200 meters to go. I’d bet his ranch by the way, I don’t have a horse ranch.

Mike enjoys country living, wide open spaces, pricey carbon bikes, electronic shifting and his beautiful family.

His only goal should be not to scare us to death again by crashing at over 30+ mph in any sprint.

Great to have you on the team Aubrey Mike, aka…The Closer.

Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental Team Introductions

February 6, 2013


When it comes to speed with style, we’re talking real panache, a certain “je ne sais quois” on the bike, if you will, no one comes close to Hollywood. Some refer to him as Roland San Miguel (even his birth name is cooler than Mario Cipolini). Those on the team just call him Bossman.

Hollywood is THE driving force on and off the road for CCHD. He puts time into the training and it shows. He claims he rides and trains to relax, but we all know better, as he must have a release for his x-factor; if you’ve ever trained or raced with Hollywood, you’ve felt his unspeakable presence in the peloton (did I mention he is cooler than Cipo?). He also claims to race to help his teammates. In Roland’s own words: “I almost get more satisfaction from helping a teammate win than winning myself.” This is a brief glimpse into who he is. But make no mistake, when it is up to him to lap the field in a crit, he will make that move, and make it stick.

Managing a cycling race team is far from easy. Most that attempt this challenge discover it is a daily grind of dealing with sponsors, clothing orders and inventory, hammering out pages of spreadsheets, booking cheap hotel rooms, wrestling with the finances and putting up with a bunch of type “A” cyclists. And you should see the whopping paycheck he gets for it! A successful race team requires 3 key pieces: Quality racers, a common goal, and a strong leader. Corinth Racing has all three. Hollywood gets credited for all that the team is today. Roland can be proud that the time and effort he has invested and continues to devote results in payoffs that we all enjoy. We all recognize the efforts, and we can’t begin to thank him for all that he does every day for the team!

Hollywood’s goals for this year include continuing to build the team and making sure the team looks PRO, enforcing the rules of the Velominati throughout all Denton county, and he has taken on a personal challenge in supporting Bob Baatz’s goal to achieve his race weight of 9.5oz! Roland sells chemicals to the largest retailer in the world so it’s probably best not to ask him if he is taking any home for Bob.

Hollywood, we all hold our Accelerade filled insulated water bottles high to you sir! Thank you for what you do and the sacrifices you have made for the team!

Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental Team Introductions

February 6, 2013


Chuck Barron – with bright yellow shoes that match our kit perfectly, Chuck is one of our strongest advocates on the club and team. Cagey and apparently too busy at his new job at KTXD television to submit a bio, Chuck has recently been seen hob knobbing with local celebrities on set.

Recently purchasing “The Ninja” blender for juicing, Chuck must blow through his margarita ingredients before putting the newly acquired kitchen gadget to healthy use.

A lover of jiffy pop popcorn and very tall cycle computers, yes I said tall cycle computers, Chuck needs a new nickname.

Great to have you on the team Chuck.