Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental Team Introductions


Demian Whitworth – with connections to some of the best cycling talent in the Dallas area including the champion of Luxembourg, Demian sleeps and lives just yards away from our founder and Boss on the palace like grounds of the Pecan Creek neighborhood.

On the open road Demian is a cyclist in the classical sense of the word. I’m not sure how much time he spends on the bike but his riding style makes it seem like he puts in 20+ hours a week. He moves in and out of peloton with ease and almost unnoticed. Where you will notice him will be in the sprint, at the front, beating you. He is like one of those guys you race with that comes out of nowhere at the end of the race. You know, didn’t see him the whole race, but he’s on the podium at the end. How do those guys do that?

Although he seems to be in fine shape, his goal this year is to get in shape and help the team.

Awesome to have you on the team Demian.


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