Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental Team Introductions


When it comes to speed with style, we’re talking real panache, a certain “je ne sais quois” on the bike, if you will, no one comes close to Hollywood. Some refer to him as Roland San Miguel (even his birth name is cooler than Mario Cipolini). Those on the team just call him Bossman.

Hollywood is THE driving force on and off the road for CCHD. He puts time into the training and it shows. He claims he rides and trains to relax, but we all know better, as he must have a release for his x-factor; if you’ve ever trained or raced with Hollywood, you’ve felt his unspeakable presence in the peloton (did I mention he is cooler than Cipo?). He also claims to race to help his teammates. In Roland’s own words: “I almost get more satisfaction from helping a teammate win than winning myself.” This is a brief glimpse into who he is. But make no mistake, when it is up to him to lap the field in a crit, he will make that move, and make it stick.

Managing a cycling race team is far from easy. Most that attempt this challenge discover it is a daily grind of dealing with sponsors, clothing orders and inventory, hammering out pages of spreadsheets, booking cheap hotel rooms, wrestling with the finances and putting up with a bunch of type “A” cyclists. And you should see the whopping paycheck he gets for it! A successful race team requires 3 key pieces: Quality racers, a common goal, and a strong leader. Corinth Racing has all three. Hollywood gets credited for all that the team is today. Roland can be proud that the time and effort he has invested and continues to devote results in payoffs that we all enjoy. We all recognize the efforts, and we can’t begin to thank him for all that he does every day for the team!

Hollywood’s goals for this year include continuing to build the team and making sure the team looks PRO, enforcing the rules of the Velominati throughout all Denton county, and he has taken on a personal challenge in supporting Bob Baatz’s goal to achieve his race weight of 9.5oz! Roland sells chemicals to the largest retailer in the world so it’s probably best not to ask him if he is taking any home for Bob.

Hollywood, we all hold our Accelerade filled insulated water bottles high to you sir! Thank you for what you do and the sacrifices you have made for the team!


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