Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental Team Introductions


Mike McCrary (The Closer) Broad shoulders and massive thighs throw that carbon SL4 back and forth as he sprints to the line at 40 miles an hour, his breathing in perfect sync with his pedal strokes. Mike is our strongest sprinter; he closes races just like he does your next home mortgage.

Very possibly our fastest CAT 3, The Closer is a jack of many trades…cyclist, mortgage lender and owner/operator of Elements Nursery in Crossroads Texas; Mike also does landscape construction and design. Mike is one busy dude.

A natural born athlete, Mike was not so much born as he more or less took form out in Aubrey Texas somewhere in the early morning mist. Also known as Aubrey Mike, I would bet the horse ranch if he’s in the top 5 in any sprint with 200 meters to go. I’d bet his ranch by the way, I don’t have a horse ranch.

Mike enjoys country living, wide open spaces, pricey carbon bikes, electronic shifting and his beautiful family.

His only goal should be not to scare us to death again by crashing at over 30+ mph in any sprint.

Great to have you on the team Aubrey Mike, aka…The Closer.


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