Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental Team Introductions


Chris Eddy (The Cannibal) One of the greatest cyclist ever, Eddy Merckx, said “Ride Lots”. That quote is clear and to the point. I think this also describes Chris Eddy.

He rides his bike “lots” he has been doing this for many years and has only one bike. Why would you need more than one? He has never shaven his legs and has one speed, why would you want to slow down? Eddy Merckx was known as the Cannibal. Chris not only shares the name but the passion for the sport.

Rule #33 states “shave your guns”. This will never happen with Chris. The rule continues with ”If for some reason, your legs are to be left hairy, make sure you can dish out plenty of hurt to shaved riders”. Mr. Eddy has this covered, every ride and every race.

So if you want to have a word with The Cannibal, work your way up the peloton, he’ll be at the front. Hair blowing in the wind, dishing out the hurt.

Chris Eddy’s a class act. See you on the road.


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