Official Corinth Cycling Water Bottles Now Available


Spring is almost around the corner, which means long rides and warmer weather. You might have forgotten, after these past colder months, how terrible it is to reach for your drink and discover that your beverage has turned into a warm tea! But this is Texas and “tea-time” is approaching! So just in time for you to be prepared, the 2013 Corinth Cycling water bottles have arrived.

Softer than ever (especially the 20oz. bottles), this new batch of bottles will keep your drinks cool… and make you look incredibly cool! So to comply with Velominati’s rule #52 “bidons should match each other and preferably your bike and/or kit” two versions of the “coolest” bidons in town are now available.

Show your club pride and drink in style… place your order now!

(Bottles are dishwasher & freezer safe… BPA-Free… made in the USA)

All bottles (24oz and 20oz) sold at cost: $8 each.

To place your order please contact Francisco Guzman at


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